Sister Chix

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Sister Chix is a group of women who have become single through the loss of a husband either through death or divorce. We meet once a month and have been meeting together since December 31, 2013. It’s our belief that being single due to these circumstances creates a need for support in ways that those who haven’t experienced this type of loss may not be able to relate to. The group developed as a means to encourage and support each other through our painful loss.

Our mission is to support each other through acts of service, emotional support, sharing meals, devotional time and prayer, and encouraging each other to fully trust and depend on the Lord for all our needs.

How to Become Part of This Group

We would like to invite other women who experience this type of loss to become part of this group. Please be aware that we hold all issues shared in the group in strict confidence. The church is our family and we can all draw from the wisdom, love and encouragement of our church family.


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For a lighthearted picture of what Sister Chix is all about, watch this short video.


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