CEFC Plans for Worship Indoors

CEFC Plans for Sanctuary Worship

Arrival and Entrance

• Please enter through the main entrance only. The two side doors will remain locked.
• At the entrance, an attendant will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer. If the reading is over 100.4°F, we will ask for you to return home.
• Face mask coverings are requested while walking inside. Once you sit down, you can remove your mask. We ask that when you get up and move that you put on your mask until you sit back down again.
• There will be no Adult or Children’s Sunday School. And no coffee service.
• Bathrooms can be used at any time. Please be considerate of others before you leave as we will not be wiping down the bathroom after each use.
• Please try to do your best to practice the 6’ social distancing throughout your stay.

Sanctuary Setup and Service

• The sanctuary, the bathrooms on both sides and the overflow room are the only areas for you to congregate. Access to downstairs, the kitchen, CE wing etc. will be taped off.
• If you are the first to arrive, you will see that the Sanctuary will have been cleared of all of the familiar blue chairs.
• As you enter the sanctuary an attendant will escort you with an orange plastic chair for you to use during the service. Or if you prefer (and the staff prefers this too) you can bring your own lawn chair to sit in and take back home after the service is done. Think of it as a service on the lawn. In this case a blue carpet.
• Everyone will be requested to keep your household members grouped together and spaced 6’ apart from any other household member groups. Please start seating in the front and over to the side of the sanctuary closest to the overflow room. That way people entering the sanctuary do not have to cross in front/over/around you.
• Service will be conducted as usual. At the end of service, leave your orange chair behind or if you brought a lawn chair, take it back home. Please wear your masks again until you exit the building. And remember – please practice the 6’ social distancing on your way out.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

• Between Sunday services, the orange chairs will be disinfected as well as all of the high contact surfaces in the bathrooms, sanctuary and overflow room.

How long will this last you ask?

We don’t know for sure, but the leadership team meets weekly to re-evaluate and adjust according to government guidelines and recommendations. Keep the faith and God will have us back to worship like the good old days once again.

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