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It’s Not Optional to Care About the Poor and Oppressed

Listen to Jarvis Williams on the gospel frame for compassion and justice
EFCA Communications Team
March 15, 2018

In the first session of the 2018 Theology Conference, Dr. Jarvis Williams, associate professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, explored the stains that racism has left on the American church.

Preaching from Romans 3, Dr. Williams’s lecture, “Biblical and Theological Foundations and a Gospel Frame for Understanding Compassion and Justice: The Cross and Racial Reconciliation,” unpacked the gospel imperative for the poor and oppressed in the kingdom of God.  Read more...

Does God Owe Me the American Dream

I’ve forced my American dream into my consciousness, cut it apart and analyzed it with Scripture. God does not owe American Christians anything. He does not owe me a savings account or health insurance. He does not guarantee that my children will have the opportunity to go to college and become prosperous citizens. He does not promise religious freedom, or pleasant vacations, or safety on American streets. He doesn’t even promise that America will continue to exist as we know it. Read more...

A Hopeful Perspective for the New Year

As followers of Jesus Christ in 21st-century America, there are times that we may feel pushed to the brink of despair.
If we openly and lovingly express our belief that some of the social issues of our day are an abomination to a holy God, we will experience the wrath of our neighbors, our coworkers and even our friends, especially on social media. We will be called extremists and bigots.

If we are bold enough to declare that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, we will be labeled as proud, self-righteous fanatics (John 14:6). Followers of Christ used to be considered the “good” guys, but we are quickly becoming the “bad” guys!  Read more...

The Word Become Flesh

Advent and Christmas are wonderful times of the year to remember and to celebrate not just the historical recollection of God becoming a man in the person of Jesus Christ, but also to worship him. This is the time of the year for Christians to look back and remember the promises made for the coming of the Messiah the first time, and the fulfillment of those promises  Read more...

Trusting God When it's Difficult

There has to be a way to trust God that is not naive. It is not an entitled trusting, because I can’t assume He will do things my way. Rather, it is a settled trusting that comes from His character—that He is there, and He is good, and He has it under control. And that will always be certain. Read more...

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